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Dirty Desserts: 4 Cakes that boosts your Libido!

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With the long weeks of work, house full of tireless energetic children and financial stress, romance can fall on to the wayside. Many couples are constantly on the journey of making their spouses feel loved therefore the need to find new ways (sexy ways) to spark  some passion in their love life. Special days such as Valentines day are usually the times when couples tend to get it on. What if there is a sweet and delicious way to achieve this effortlessly, without relying on pills and potions, what if! Look no further, here are 4 dangerously delicious treats and guilty free cakes that can boost your  marital sex life in more ways than one.

Tip: Don't get him to the bedroom, get it on in the Kitchen!

1. Chocolate Cake

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Chocolates get right to the heart of sexual pleasure by increasing the brain level of serotonin, the feel good brain chemical. Serotonin plays a major role in positive mood, emotional health, adequate sleep and balanced appetite, contributing to numerous behavioral and physiological functions. Women have more serotonin than men and appear to be more sensitive to it. It puts women in the mood for love. Chocolates made from raw cocoa contain a chemical substance called Phenylethalamine that stimulates the sense of excitement (a feeling of being in love) and well being. A Journal of sexual medicine published a study that found that women who had a piece of chocolate a day had a more active sexual life than women who don't. Little wonder why chocolates are the gifts of choice during valentines day celebrations. Hmm...
Making a dark chocolate fudge for your partner and them having a mouthful, is a sure way to get them in the mood. *wink

2.  Banana Cake
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Apart from their suggestive shape and size which can turn a woman on from mere sighting it, Bananas have been shown to be an excellent Super-food for men in
the bedroom. They are a storehouse of nutrients and energy and have even been shown to improve mood, increase oxygen flow throughout the body and improve performance in the bedroom. Bananas are high in Bromelain and B vitamins, both of which have been shown to be potent sexual hormone regulators that can increase sexual desire, sexual function and overall virility.

3. Pomegranate Cake

Pomegranate Cheese Cake with Clementine Gelato
For the base
1c cashews
2T agave
1/4c coconut oil
2t vanilla extract
¼t salt
2t lemon juice
• First process cashews to flour.
• Add remaining ingredients and process again.
• Press into the bottom of 9”...
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The pomegranate ruby red fruity that is native from Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and was cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region since ancient times. It is widely cultivated throughout India and the drier parts of southeast Asia, Malaya, the East Indies and tropical Africa. The tree was introduced into California by Spanish settlers in 1769. ( In the country it is grown for its fruits mainly in the drier parts of California and Arizona. Pomegranates according to a study by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, has been seen to be a potent natural aphrodisiac due to its ability to increase testosterone levels. Some men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life and a lot of them end up on medication to help with their condition. Interestingly, a study was conducted by the University of Southern California to see if drinking pomegranate juice could help men naturally "heal" their ED.
Half the men were given pomegranate juice to drink and the other half was given a placebo or different juice to drink for a few weeks. At the end of that time, the men who drank the pomegranate juice reported an increase in sexual performance. The researchers concluded that the antioxidants in the juice have a positive effect on circulation, which naturally helps men with ED to perform more easily.(Amazing-pomegranate-health-benefits)
Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice a day has shown to boost sexual drive and boosts fertility. Infusing them in cakes is a sure sweet and delicious way of putting yourself and your spouse on the way. (to passion of course!). A pomegranate cheesecake is a sure banker!

4. Vanilla Cake laced with Strawberry

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 As early as the 18th Century, Vanilla was prescribed  by Doctors as a way to increase male potency.Sex and Scent have been seen to have a strong relationship. The flavor and intoxicating aroma of vanilla are high in aphrodisiacal powers- feed your spouse a slice of vanilla rich cake or dessert while you burn a vanilla scented sweet candle and watch how his or her sexual desire will flourish.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or health-related issue. If you have a health concern, please call contact your health care provider. Information provided above are based on research and sourced for online.

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