Thursday, 26 November 2015

What Cake are you having this Christmas!

                                                                            Photo Credit Claxton Bakery
That time of the year is close by, where  everyone is in a jolly and happy mood, a time when the air smells fresh and heavenly. The  festive season is here again people and I am glad to witness another year going to a wrap. Thanking Almighty God for this.
Christmas is a time when families reunite, lovers  and couples renew their vows, companies show love and appreciation to their dedicated staff.
Many people show appreciation and love for each other by sharing a cake with loved ones either by inviting guests to their table or by giving them in their homes.
Below I will be talking about cakes you can have this Christmas. Enjoy!

White Cakes/Cupcakes

Photo credit: Mrs. Billets White cake recipe
Photo credit: Berry filled white cake. My

The white cake is a type of cake made without egg yolks only with egg-whites. It is a very fluffy and light cake. This type of cake is very ideal for