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5 Stunning ASO-EBI inspired Nigerian Wedding Cakes!

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"Aso-Ebi" is a Yoruba language term used to connote a uniform cloth material usually chosen for family members and friends of celebrants at Weddings, Funerals, Coronation etc. "ASO"meaning cloth and "EBI" meaning Family in Yoruba language. At weddings usually it is used to identify friends and family of the Bride and Groom. It is sometimes used to distinguish the guests of the bride and the groom, where the bride's guest may wear a particular color and the groom another,  especially when it comes to "item 7"(refreshment time for the guests) LOL. It is also used to mark solidarity and co-operation. It is a very unique tradition that started with in the Yoruba culture and has spread to other Nigerian ethnic cultures. Aso-ebi styles have evolved over time and has become an art especially with wedding guests trying to outshine each other with beautiful designs. The Aso-ebi craze has also extended into wedding cakes, beautiful designs have been incorporated into wedding cakes that they stand out at wedding ceremonies. Below, I will share 5 beautiful pictures of some of these cakes I found on some Nigerian Wedding blogs and Instagram. I couldn't resist but to write and post about some of them. Enjoy!



1.  "GEORGE" Material Inspired Cake 

"GEORGE" is a very popular cloth material used mainly by the Eastern and South-Southern part of Nigeria. It is a very expensive material that connotes a lot of class and elegance. Its incorporation into the cake just symbolizes Class and Elegance of the Bride and Groom. Its something worth imbibing.

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2. "Ankara" Material Inspired Cake

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"Ankara" is a popular cloth material used by many ethnic groups in Nigeria. It cuts across all the cultures and it a very used cloth material for Aso-ebi  styles. In the picture, we see that different types of Ankara prints have been represented, and the cake looks absolutely beautiful.The clothes and beads in the box symbolizes that the groom is ready and financially capable of taking care of the bride.

3. "Ankara"Material Inspired Cake


 This beautiful Ankara inspired wedding cake, I stumbled upon on

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

5 Ways to Salvage your Ruined Cake

Cake mishaps are inevitable sometimes. And when this happens, usually the first reaction is to panic, especially when it is for an occasion you have been duly paid to service. Let me share one of my many cake mishaps with you.
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It happened a long time ago when I was still starting out as an amateur baker back in the University. I was given a birthday cake contract to be delivered in two days. I was really excited because that was one of the first major cakes I was actually being paid to do. I wanted to impress so much that I went over-budget to make sure the cake stands out ( it did standout alright! LOL but in an awkward position) LOL. Because of my over-zealousness to impress, I wasn't precise with my measurements and disaster fell. The cake turned out to be soaking wet with fat. Too much fat! I was devastated as I had just that evening to deliver the cake. (by the way, I didn't start to bake until that day of delivery, another mistake, wanted to make sure it was "fresh" LOL). I escaped been beaten by the celebrant that day as the cake was a total disaster because it ruined her party. Jabs such as " if you didn't have enough money to pay a professional baker, why even bother to throw a party" were thrown at the celebrant. Thank God I wasn't there. LOL. 
Reminiscing now, knowing what I know now, I would have done better not only in my execution but also in my planning and also SALVAGING my ruined cake. Here are 3 easy ways to salvage your cake when you have a cake mishap.

Major Rule: NEVER PANIC:

One of the most important rule is not to panic as I said earlier, this is usually the first reaction. But try to calm yourself down and think of these 5 ways to salvage your cake. 

1. Burnt Cake

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This can occur when your oven is too high or you forgot your cake in the oven and took a nap. FIX: The first step to salvage a burnt cake is to see if you can cut off the burnt parts with a clean serrated knife and refrigerate it for like an hour so that the crumbs come together and it doesn't give issues while frosting. This you can

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5 ways to eat your Cake and enjoy it!


Hi there Friends. Today, I will be highlighting 5 sweet ways to eat your cake and enjoy it. Read on...

1. Cake and Tea

Cake And Tea – Ready To Eat And Drink


This is a traditional way of eating cake. I will personally call  the combo Tea-cake as this reminds me of a movie I watched a long time ago titled "Their eyes were watching God" featuring Halle Berry and Micheal Ealy who played the sweet Teacake in the movie.He encompassed all there is to say about combining cake and tea , LOL, I am sure y'all know what  I mean. *wink. Eating your cake with your favorite cup of green, yellow, black, lemon tea etc, is one of the glorious ways to eat your cake and enjoy it. Especially when that cake is your favourite recipes, it just takes you to high heavens.

2. Cake and Ice-cream 



    Hmmm!Oh yea! did I hear a yum! and hmmmm! there, Yes! this is one of my favorites. Coldstone knows how to combine this best